Dave and I aspire to lift spirits and brighten the world through art. We do this by turning metal into graceful, dynamic forms and finishing them with vibrant colors and rich patinas that add a sense of playful sophistication and cheerfulness to their surroundings.

As a husband-wife artist team, we have been creating public art together since 2008 after careers in high tech. Our portfolio consisting of many large-scale outdoor sculptures throughout the Pacific Northwest, several of which have become iconic pieces that evoke a sense of a place and have become distinctive landmarks for communities. Most of our artworks are site specific and include locations like city parks, traffic roundabouts, downtown areas, waterfronts, and gateway entrances into towns. Our scale ranges from pedestal pieces to pedestrian-scale to monumental.

In our partnership I provide artistic vision via conceptual development & design, and Dave does the technical work to finalize my designs for fabrication. For 14 years he has brought my visions to life with his high craftsmanship at our metal shop in Vancouver, Washington.

In 2022 we began a hybrid process that combines in-house fabrication and contracting with outside artisan fabricators.

Dave and I are grateful to be able to meld our diverse skillsets to focus on our two guiding principles for creating art: Uplifting Design and High Craftsmanship.

Artfully Yours,
Jennifer Corio & Dave Frei